<VV> 60 engine lid

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sun Nov 7 23:34:59 EST 2010

At 10:09 PM 11/7/2010, Tony Underwood wrote:
>At 08:14 PM 11/7/2010, MarPack57 at aol.com wrote:
> >At a small mixed make car show yesterday a fellow club member were talking
> >about the engine lid on my 60 Coupe. He mentioned his 60 sedan did not have
> >the spare tire indentation on the inside of the lid and neither did mine.
> >But he said there was no hint of it looking thru the louvers, but 
> mine does..
> >I'm fairly sure my 60 has all of it's original body parts and besides how
> >could you change this out?. Possibly since mine is a late production 60 the
> >factory was anticipating moving the spare? Anyone else with a 60, (Mel) shed
> >any light on this. Ed in Fla
> >  __________________________________
>I can identify the differences between a '60 rear decklid and later
>decklids from the outside.  The indentation under the louvers is not
>there on '60 decklids.
>There are two '60s here and they both have visible differences in the
>louvers visible from outside.

I was unclear here...

I should have added:

>There are two '60s here and they both have visible differences in the DECKLID

...meaning you can tell the difference without opening the 
decklid.   There is that circular indentation in the inside panel of 
the decklid so as to clear the spare tire in '61-up early 
decklids.  Looking down at the decklid, you can easily see the 
indentation on the '61-up lids through the louvers.  The '60 decklid 
has no such indentation.


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