<VV> Baffle Installation

Byron Comp byron.comp at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 8 11:48:14 EST 2010

Before asking this, I just completed a search through the TechGuide3.pdf for the 
words baffle and shroud and found nothing that answers the problem.

I had a valve job, rings and necessary bearings installed on my '65 95 hp engine 
over the summer at a reputable shop, but didn't take the baffles and springs to 
them prior to assembly.  From what I'm reading here that means I have to remove 
the push rod tubes on both sides in order to put the baffles in place now.  Does 
that also mean loosening the heads enough that the new gaskets will have to be 
replaced as well?  Should I take the assembled drivetrain back to the engine 
shop and have them do it, since they (and I) didn't think to put the baffles in 
prior to assembly?


Byron Comp
'64 Monza Vert
Gainesville, FL

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>I have a question.
>Was there a baffle in place against the cylinder walls - held on with two 
>spring clips?  If not, I chalk that up as the root cause of your holed 
>piston.  Also, if not - it would be a wise move to drop the lower shroud on 
>the other side and see if that baffle is in place.  If not, you have to pull 
>the push rod tubes on that side as well in order to get the baffle in.
>Later, JR


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