<VV> Baffle Installation

Michael Kovacs kovacsmj at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 8 12:26:05 EST 2010

 I figure you already have the heads on and all the valves adjusted, right? If 
so, you have to remove the push rods  to remove the push rod tubes, to put the 
baffles and springs in, this of course ruins the valve adjustment and it must be 
done all over again after to baffles and push rods are installed.

 Heads do not have to be removed. The correct '65 service manual was not 
followed. It's such a wonder! Not such a reputable shop to forget to ask for the 
baffles and springs before installing the push rod tubes. Easy for a beginner to 
forget though!

 the order should have been:

heads installed
baffles with springs installed
push rod tubes installed
push rods installed
valves adjusted


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Before asking this, I just completed a search through the TechGuide3.pdf for the 

words baffle and shroud and found nothing that answers the problem.


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