<VV> Bafflel Instalation

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Mon Nov 8 14:38:29 EST 2010

> From: Byron Comp <byron.comp at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Re: <VV> Baffle Installation
Smitty Says;   Byron the shaped sheet metal pieces that go under the 
cylinders on both sides and are held on with wire spring clips should have 
gone on before the pushrod tubes were installed.  Gettin it back to "right" 
now requires the following.  Remove the valve covers and rocker arms.  Pull 
the pushrods out.  There are plenty who will disagree with me at this point 
but I un-torque the head the reverse of torquing it.  Crack the studs and 
head nuts loose in a hatch pattern to prevent damage to the gaskets.  Once 
all are loose, remove the rocker studs and pull the tubes (inner ends) out 
against the head.  Leave them hang there while you install the baffles.  I 
think I dare say, now put everything back together as per the manual.
If you jack one side of the car rather than the rear of the car, and do the 
job, valve cover to valve cover before switching to the other side, you will 
not be working in an oil mess. 

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