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Gary Swiatowy gswiatowy at rochester.rr.com
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I've always been pretty lucky when pulling the pan on Corvair motors.
I always thought the design did not lend itself too much to sludge.
But then came along two notable exceptions.
One I attributed to most likely a previous owner who may not have used
detergent oil.
Pure sludge.
Then there was one other seized FC motor I had in storage.
I actually pulled the pan off because I had stripped the drain plug on
another car. Inside of this motor it was caked with a lot of lead residue,
like the lead from gas? Grey sludge, it was nasty.

Gary Swiatowy

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i have seen this many times , including a 27,000 mile 64 in "Beatrice" the  
red fire van. then there was the 17,000? mile greenbrier i parted 
out...ugly  stuff!  the 65 A/C 110 motor that had 20,000 on it with top
cover weeping 
 oil that caught a lot of "Georgia reddish mud".
regards, tim colson

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