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Thank you, James.  Spoken like a true gentleman.  Apology  accepted.
~Bill Stanley
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Bill:  I understood you were quoting from the magazine.  I did  not 
your comment after the quote as sarcasm.  I read it to  mean you thought the
story that Dr. Porsche and company had contributed to  the Corvair design 
true, and the story of their participation has yet to  be fully disclosed 

Sorry I misunderstood your  comment.  My only defense, if one is needed, is
that our friend Bob  apparently took your comment the same way as I did.  So
apparently at  least two "of the brightest minds posting on this list" 
to live up to  your expectations.  Please accept my apology.  I  completely
misunderstood your comment.

My comment about "knowing who  Karl Ludvigsen is" was uncalled for in

I am also sorry I  did not recognize you name as being someone else who has
contributed to  Corvair history in the Communique.  I think, having failed 
understand  you comment as you intended, I also failed to cross reference
your name to  previous Communique content.  For that I also apologize.   I
appreciate your work, and have enjoyed and profited by it.

Your  defense is effective and you bona fides secure.

I am sorry for my  failure(s) in this matter.

Historically Yours,
James Rice

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