<VV> Removing piston connecting rod caps and journal care

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Wed Nov 10 16:25:13 EST 2010

Good idea to turn the crank with loosened cap bolts to pull the caps off, 
but my heads are off so there's no suction to accomplish that at this point.

I tried tapping the joint between cap and rod in the direction of the cap, 
but was afraid it might impact / damage the journal or bearing ?

This worked on #1 & #3, but not on #5 (so far) which is stuck tight (but 
turns OK).


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From: "kevin nash"

 I like to loosen both nuts on the cap,
> then finger tighten the nuts so that both are just short of bottoming out 
> on the cap, then
> rotate the crankshaft slightly so as to "push" off the cap. Then finger 
> loosen the nuts another
> couple of turns and rotate the crank again, repeat the process until the 
> cap is off. As long as
> the cap remains level, it wont bind on the bolts, and the cap will usually 
> come off smoothly.
> if the cap starts to rock (tip to one side), simply tighten the nut on the 
> high side slightly, re-leveling
> the cap. No, it is not the fast method, but it does work well and will not 
> ding, damage or score
> anything, and doesn't require buying any more tools.

> Kevin Nash

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