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The answer to your questions, and many more you've yet to ask about
tires, wheels and offset/backspacing can be found at the link below.


A huge thank you to Bryan Blackwell for the above info!



On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 8:02 PM, Ewell Mills <Cecilbdmills at cfl.rr.com> wrote:
> I would like to communicate with someone who has installed S-10 truck wheels on a LM Corvair.  The wheels are from a 2001 S-10 and are 15" X 7".  I have already run into several problems, and have resolved some.  I found the center hole in the S-10 wheels to be approximately 1/16" smaller than standard Corvair wheels.  I solved this with a half round file and elbow grease.  The offset of both S10 wheels and standard Corvair wheels seems to be about the same. (about 4.1/2").  My question here is that moulded on the inside of the S-10 wheels on one side says 15 X 7 inch, and on the other side, Offset -6.5.  I cannot find any place that measures 6.5", and have no idea what the minus sign means. (or is it just a dash?)  I then discovered that the S-10 uses metric lug nuts on both the female end and male end that the caps screw onto.  I found a website that sells conversion lug nuts that have a 7/16" female fitting and a 22mm female end for the caps with a 3/4" lug size.  My quest
>  ion is what size tires should I use.  The 65 Monza that I currently have stock wheels on, has 185/80R13 tires on it, which is what I was told was as near the stock size that came on the car, that is available in a metric size.  They clear the front fenders just fine.  I have another 1967 Corvair that has American Racing 14 X 7 wheels on it with 195/70R14 tires on it.  I had trouble with the tires dragging on the front lower part of the front fenders.  The alignment shop reset something (Caster...camber or what-ever.  I don't know one from the other) to solve the problem.  I am considering a 195/60R15 tire that is almost the same diameter as the 185/80R13, but am concerned that it may drag due to the extra width.  Any suggestions  on what I should use appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
> Cecil Mills
> Cocoa, Fl.
> Cecilbdmills at cfl.rr.com

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