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Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 14 01:36:09 EST 2010

>The "index" you want is called the CORSA Tech Guides.  Buy it.  All the tech 
>articles are in there.

The other issue is that only a selected few of the Communiqué articles 
are actually in the Tech Guide -- there are many interesting items that 
never made it into the TG's --

The Communiqué used to periodically publish an index --

Tech Topics Index (January 75 - December 80), CC V3N9 (May 81), 21-22
Tech Topics Index (January 75 - July 83), CC V6N2 (October 83), 10-13

I do not know why they discontinued the practice -- probably something 
to do with money ...

Note that this information is also NOT in the TG.

Thanks, Joe West.

Bill Strickland

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