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It was not at all unusual for Fisher Body die shops to 'pull ahead' changes on tooling; that is to make changes for upcoming models ahead of production requirement in order to more fully utilize their man hours / tool room facilities.  At some specific time a 'run ahead' of parts is made.  The tooling is then taken out of production for a while, and the new model changes are incorporated.  All parts, both production and service, after that point will have the new design.  
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>The rear deck lid is made up of two panels; the inner and
>the outer. There are two versions of the engine deck lid
>on 1960 Corvairs. All '60's have the inner deck lid panel
>that does not have any indentation for the spare tire on
>the right side. However, at some time toward the end of
>the 13-month production run they must have run out of
>1960-specific deck lid outer skins and started using the
>2nd design that was required for 1961 through 1964 cars
>with the spare tire mounted in the engine compartment. You
>can see the difference when looking at the louvers from
>above. The cutouts are folded a bit to make room for the
>tire underneath. All of the August 1960 production
>vehicles I have seen show this unique feature. Not sure
>when they made the change. Might be fun to have all
>Cavemen reading this to check your deck lid and your
>production date (shown on the Fisher Body tag in the
>engine compartment as a two-digit and one letter code.
>example: 07A = 1st week of July 1960. 08B = 2nd week of
>August 1960). 1961 Production started after the 2nd week
>of August so take a look and let us know! - Caveman Pete

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