<VV> Baffle Installation

Ron ronh at owt.com
Sun Nov 14 14:25:47 EST 2010

SOMEONE should have provided a pushrod tube tool for this job before it 
started!  At times I've lacked that and instead hace used a screw type of 
hose clamp to fit on the tubes and used it to pry the tubes off using a 
screwdriver as the pry bar.  Don't go to a "channel lock mechanic"!

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> Thanks to all who responded to my query about baffle installation. I got 
> it done
> on Friday, at the "reputable" shop which should have done them in the 
> first
> place. I suppose the good thing was that I had not yet put the drivetrain 
> back
> in the chassis so it was a matter of working on it on the back of my 
> truck. It
> was still a pain; those tubes were really well seated into the block, even
> though the motor had not been started or run. In fact, we bent all 12 of 
> them a
> little bit by applying pressure on them with a pair of channel locks and a 
> screwdriver to pry them out; not enough to prevent clearance for the rods, 
> but
> it sure messed up the pretty orange paint job the tech had put on them 
> when he
> put it together the first time.
> His boss readily admitted having "forgotten" them. He hadn't worked on one 
> it a
> while but did alot of them back in the day. Thing is, he came highly 
> recommended
> by my local CORSA regional group. But none of that stopped him from 
> charging me
> for the 3 hours his tech spent showing me and HELPING ME do the work. Oh 
> well,
> another $200 and 10 hour day (he's 2 hours away from me) into the project. 
> But
> then, I quit counting a long time ago.
> Byron Comp
> Expensive '64 Vert
> Gainesville, FL
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>>Smitty Says; Byron the shaped sheet metal pieces that go under the
>>cylinders on both sides and are held on with wire spring clips should have
>>gone on before the pushrod tubes were installed. Gettin it back to "right"
>>now requires the following. Remove the valve covers and rocker arms. Pull
>>the pushrods out. There are plenty who will disagree with me at this point
>>but I un-torque the head the reverse of torquing it. Crack the studs and
>>head nuts loose in a hatch pattern to prevent damage to the gaskets. Once
>>all are loose, remove the rocker studs and pull the tubes (inner ends) out
>>against the head. Leave them hang there while you install the baffles. I
>>think I dare say, now put everything back together as per the manual.
>>If you jack one side of the car rather than the rear of the car, and do 
>>job, valve cover to valve cover before switching to the other side, you 
>>not be working in an oil mess.
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