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Anyone who read my first post will clearly see that I was not bashing  
Allen Bristow.  I simply stated that I (me) was regretting not buying the  car 
when I had the opportunity.  When I drove away from David LePorte's  home, I 
knew I was making a mistake, but there were other influences and  "projects' 
going on at that time.
We can all Monday Morning Quarterback, and regret the cars we  shoulda.  I 
was just stating the obvious, that today, Mr. LePorte most  surely would 
rather that he had waited to sell the car, and that Allen may or  may not have 
realized the "buy".  He probably knew it was going to  appreciate, but Yenko 
madness was just REALLY starting to take off 5-1/2  yrs. ago.  
What I was putting down on paper (via email) was a reminder to those who  
might hesitate - even if you go in debt for awhile, to remember my boneheaded 
 brain-out-of-gear mistake the next time you see a car you know - for 
absolute  certainty, is destined for strong appreciation.
Oh, and as for my opinion of Allen's asking price, I'll not apologize for  
saying the thing that all of you were thinking when you first read his  sale 
Joe Dunlap

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