<VV> Clutch Cable

Marc Marcoulides hharpo at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 15 12:59:31 EST 2010

Yesterday was a very pretty day in Southern California and I desided to take the wife on a drive along the Pacific Ocean. The usual but always welcome comments, such as, that is a beautiful car were heard by me and the wife. The one person you don't want to hear it from, the tow truck driver, was unfortunately on scene. I had just gone thru an intersection and was in 2nd gear when the clutch cable broke. Traffic was not too heavy and I was able to get to the curb without incident. I had a cable in my garage, a remnant of a car I had parted out, so I took both to a trusted mechanic (car on tow truck & cable in the bed of my pickup) 

I have not had a failure of the clutch cable in 20 years or more. They are very durable but not indestructable. May I invite you to check yours.

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