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dkdewald at pasty.net dkdewald at pasty.net
Mon Nov 15 15:01:32 EST 2010

Hank K. wrote :

> LM Owners
> What size (width) is the butyl Rubber tape for installing the Windshield 
> on a LM car? Is the tape for the backlite the same?   Haven't put one in 
> in a LONG time.

I recently removed and reinstalled the windshield on my '67 Monza.  The windsheild is a replacement made by "SafeGuard" that is thinner than the stock LOF glass. After measuring I ordered 3/8" butyl tape.  The installed height looks good, but I have not reinstalled the trim yet to make sure.  If you have stock glass I would think that 5/16" tape would be about right.

Perhaps you could get a 2" sample of 5/16" tape (stock glass) or 3/8" (replacement glass) and do a test fit.

Dale Dewald
Hancock, MI 

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