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Mon Nov 15 17:39:27 EST 2010

Most butyl tape sold for automotive glass installation is square or round
in cross section, so width and thickness are the same dimension.

3/8 works for all, as you can warm it and slightly stretch it to make it
5/16 in size. Hey, don't blame me for this tip, it came from an old glass
installer who liked to carry one size on his installation truck!

Measure the thickness of the glass (it varies with old and new Corvair
windshields), depth of the pinchweld, subtract the depth of the reval trim,
guess at the squish of the tape and there you go, scientific wild a** guess.

Just don't forget the rubber blocks to keep the glass from falling down and
the results will be OK.

Frank DuVal 

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Hank asked for the WIDTH, not the thickness. Either you misread the
question, or Hank asked the wrong question. 

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