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Past  experience tells me that a better tool is a circuit tester which has 
a light  bulb.  In cars that have been around for a long time it is possible 
to  have enough dust / dirt collected on the fuse to leak voltage and show 
as a  working circuit even though there is less than enough amperage to 
energize the  circuit!   
Ken P

Ken's response is really appropriate for old cars in my  experience.  Most 
electrical problems I have had with older vehicles have  been due to faulty 
connections (connectors that touched but did not slide  together correctly 
so they couldn't carry a proper load), corroded fuse clips  that got so hot 
they melted the solder in fuse caps (the fuse filament didn't  fail, but the 
solder at one end melted and broke the connection)  and corroded or rusted 
ground connections that wouldn't pass enough current  (a situation where the 
headlights are on low beam, but all four  are illuminated, but barely 
glowing because a poor low beam  ground turns the high beams into a path to ground 
through their  connection).  And I'm sure there are many others in VVdom 
who have their  own experiences.
Bob Hall

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