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Sat Nov 20 14:50:29 EST 2010

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sharpiebandit06 at bellsouth.net writes:

I'm not  sure what's going on; the bearings I 
bought are identical in size and  diameter for both sides and one side 
slides on 
while the other won't. I  measured the outer diameter of the spindle for 
problematic side and  discovered it is 0.001" bigger that the inner 
diameter of 
the bearing.  Does anyone have an idea? Could I have a lemon spindle or 
Is the  spindle from a different year or car that has a different size? The 
bearing fit fine on both sides.

How about the older bearing race? Was it oversize, somehow? Is the contact  
area on the spindle showing any material displacement. The spindles should 
all  be the same. I know of no difference between years or models. GM used 
that  bearing size on many millions of cars - Chevelles, etc used them. If 
the bearing  in question goes on the other size okay, I would guess you have a 
damaged  spindle (happen with the hub getting warped?), even if not totally 
visible. I  suggest you replace both, the spindle and the hub (which I am 
guessing you  already replaced).  
Seth Emerson

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