<VV> Junkyard dog questions

kevin nash wrokit at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 21 11:22:40 EST 2010

 I bought a early spyder engine off of e-bay some time ago, so as to have a back-up junkyard dog engine to install
in case I needed to do some work on my current engine. I've got the j/d engine all the way apart, and have some
questions. The main bearings dont have any markings on them to tell if they are std. or oversize-did factory main
bearings have any markings like that? also, the crankcase is a YR block, but one half has the cast in relief for a late
crank, the other half does not. Interestingly enough, all of the parting lines at the cam journals appear to line up
perfectly, as though the block was machined as a set, and the oil pan gasket surface has machining lines that match.
The crank is a early turbo crank (has the correct number for a early turbo crank). The crank main bearings have NO
scratches in them, the pistons have NO scratches on the skirts, the oil filter was orange with those kooky little slots
along the bottom that required some sort of spline like tool to remove it, intead of a strap wrench. The heads are
early turbo heads, and most (not all) of the rocker arm locknuts are the original style. 
I'm wanting to use this block, because the lifter bores appear to be in excellent shape (still have most of the machining
lines on them) and the cam journals "look" really nice, but I'm a little spooked about the block halves being two different
years. I know that I need to actually measure the relevant clearances first, and havent yet, but want to know if any of you have
successfully run a corvair engine that had non-matched block halves.
Kevin Nash, early turbo, daily driver

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