<VV> Cylinder Barrel Work Bench

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Mon Nov 22 22:53:37 EST 2010

Here's what I have so far : a Cylinder Barrel Bench ~ a little more stable 
place to work on the rings :

I'm trying a 4" hose clamp that seems to work OK until I get a tapered ring 
compressor ...


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>  Get  a  piece  of  roofing  tin, and  cut  it  to  wrap  around  the 
> piston [maybe 4" high] with  3/4  inch  to  spare. Then,...clamp  it  over 
> the  piston  and  ring  assembly , using  large  radiator  clamps [as 
> suggested  on  another  post] and  push  them  home  with  a  hammer 
> handle. I  have  even  seen  guys  sit  the "JUG" on  top  of  the 
>  piston - ring  assembly  and  callapse  the  rings  with 2  straight 
> blade  screw  drivers  until  the "JUG" slides  over  the  assembly  [not 
> recommended].
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