<VV> Cyl Work Bench

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Tue Nov 23 19:55:35 EST 2010

I don't have access to them ~ bought the ones I found, and really can't 
afford to keep buying things until I find one that works.
Mail order adds another level of difficulty : waiting to find out it doesn't 
work !

So, while I wait for another one I take the time I have to make something 
out of what I have here.

Maybe I'm forestalling whatever problem besets when (and if) I fix this 
problem (remember this started as a tune-up  and has escalated out of 
control since, with each problem occurring before I even finish the last one 

Frustrating journey, so maybe I've just decided to enjoy the ride (i.e. 
making things) ?

Thanks for the interesting ideas though ~ sounds like you've been at it a 
while ~ what was your very first one like ? Bet it took more than 6 minutes 


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>> Subject: <VV> Cylinder Barrel Work Bench
>> Here's what I have so far : a Cylinder Barrel Bench ~ a little more 
>> stable
>> place to work on the rings :
>> www.yourbuyersinn.com/Cars/Corvair/CorvairCylinderBarrelBench.htm
>>  I'm trying a 4" hose clamp that seems to work OK until I get a tapered
>> ring
>> compressor ...
>>  Charlie
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> Smitty Says:  Charlie I have to say you have worked harder to make a job 
> out
> of what is not a job than anyone I have read on this list.  There are at
> least a half dozen ring compressors on the market that I have used.  Some
> you squeeze like a pair of pliers amd some you work a cam lever.  Others 
> use
> a screwdriver to tighten and then of course there are the take-aparts for
> installing the barrel on the piston in the engine.  They all have two 
> things
> in common.  They don't work right if you don't have the tool solid against
> the barrel and keep it there through the installation operation.  The 
> other
> is, they all work fine if you do keep the compressor and the barrel 
> solidly
> together.  In other words it is the operator that must make it work
> I have never used a taper ring compressor.  If I am not mistaken they are
> for production work.  Makes no difference.  If you don't keep it solid
> against the barrel,   It ain't gona work.
> I am building an engine.  I put the pistons in the jugs yesterday.  My 
> total
> time of doing the 6 was about 15 minutes.  I used a 25 year old broken
> compressor using a worm screw clamp to close it.  I sat the jugs on the 
> vise
> with the rod dangling through the open jaws when I put the pistons in.  I
> probably did this while you were thinking about how to build a bench.  I 
> am
> not blowing my own horn.  I am just saying a better way already exists to 
> do
> this thing.  It has been develped over the last hundred years and has been
> succesfully used by hundreds of thousands of mechanics.
> Don't get the idea that I am numb to your desire to tinker and find new
> solutions.  I have made dozens of special tools but none of them existed
> before I made them.  I did not duplicate anything that was already on the
> market.  Good luck with continuing on with your engine.
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