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Wed Nov 24 17:19:34 EST 2010


I'm sorry for the me too post, but I don't think enough people can say 

This past Thursday, following a longish drive out to Cape Cod, I smelled 
gasoline and had a good idea that one of the lines on my 140 must be 
loose or broken.  When I opened the lid, I could see gas dripping fairly 
steadily from where the little dogleg piece of line goes into the 1" nut 
on the carb.  I first tried to tighten the lines, but the result was 
that the drip turned into a spray.  When I removed it, I saw that the 
line had broken at the base of the flared end that goes into the carb.  
The same thing had happened to the one on the other side about 4 years ago.

I ordered 2 replacements from Clark's on Monday morning (I finally got 
smart enough to have an extra for the glovebox).  The replacement part 
was in my hand via the next day's mail.  (I live about 150 miles from 
Clarks, so next-day mail service is the norm, even without paying extra 
for it.)

So, I was able to replace one of those "achille's heel" parts on my 
Corsa and get back on the road in a day.  For $6.10.  The part was 
exactly what I wanted and I didn't have to search and I didn't have to 
wonder if it would work.  I think about that and I think about where 
we'd all be without all those interior parts that Clark's makes for us.

In fact, I hold my breath every time the Clark's catalog expires to see 
what dates they put on the next one (i.e., so I can get a sense of how 
long Clarks intends to be around).  The current catalog runs from 
2007-2012.  When that next one comes out and says "2013-2018", you'll be 
hearing a big sigh of relief from this little corner of Bristol, Rhode 

As the man says, "think on it, please".

Steven J. Serenska

1965 Monza Convertible, 110/4, being put away this weekend
1966 Corsa Coupe, 140/4, back on the road after a brief rest

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