Harry Yarnell hyarnell1 at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 25 09:08:28 EST 2010

I like your logic, let someone else store the parts you need, and pay the
asking price. Today, with the internet, the world is at your keyboard. 'Back
when'. you had to rely on vendors catalogs (still do), or Hemmings (are they
still printing The Hemmings?), or scrounge parts cars. 

You asked what does everyone else do. For the past 40 years, I've scrounged
parts cars; always need a parts car(s) for whatever marque you're into, and
I've been into many, other than the Corvair. Countless cars have been parted
and stored for the day I need that special part, only to find that now I've
got tons of stuff I'll never use. At my age, I've got a bad back, arthritis
in the hands and shoulders (I wonder why) and the thought of hauling all
this junk to a flea market (and back) isn't an option. I guess when I kick
the bucket, the widow will have it all hauled to the dump...

What does everyone else do?

Steven "no shame here" Serenska

P.S. A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this list.

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