<VV> John Fitch article in Hemmings Classic Car

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Fri Nov 26 08:43:57 EST 2010

At 09:58 PM 11/24/2010, peter koehler wrote:
>Group; I have it on good authority that the next issue of
>Hemmings Classic Car, the February 2011 edition, will have
>a six-page spread about John Fitch and the Fitch Sprint

Very cool!

By the way, group FYI:    Anybody who wants to subscribe to a DAMNED 
GOOD vintage car mag could do a lot worse.

>Mr. Fitch is 93 years young and has been is pretty good
>health up till recently when he did have to make a visit
>to a local hospital. He is back home now but if you are so
>inclined please keep John in your thoughts and prayers.
>Thank you. - Pete Koehler

I shall...

Mr Fitch is one of that Greatest Generation whom I admire.


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