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Karl Haakonsen cityhawk at sprint.blackberry.net
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Thanks for the input everyone. I plan to buy a system from my friendly Corvair parts vendor for the restoration project... But I'll see how fast I go through them and see if it's too annoying. 

I don't plan to drive the car in the winter, but the rest of the year, the car may be used several times a week for trips ranging from 1/4 mile to 7 miles. Or to put it in perspective, it will be driven much the same way my 1993 Saturn currently is. I use that car almost daily yet I fill the gas tank approximately once per month (though I do plan to take the Corvair on some occasional longer trips as well)... We'll see how it goes. 

Karl in Boston

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Hi Karl,

While a stainless exhaust would be pretty neat, you might want to consider a couple other factors before spending the money.  My use is mostly short trips - we use the Corvairs a lot for the kids' baseball.  With the removal of lead from fuel and staying off the road in winter I've found the exhaust parts last a lot longer.  If you're driving your Corvair every day on very short trips year round you might have to replace every couple of years, but if you do the more typical hobby driving of once a week or so and not in snow I think you'll find the exhaust lasts a lot longer than that, more in the 40 - 50,000 mile range.


On Nov 26, 2010, at 4:54 PM, Karl Haakonsen wrote:

> I do like to suppport my Corvair vendors (and they will be very happy indeed by the business this restoration project will give them over the next couple of years). Yet I anticipate needing to replace my exhaust system every couple of years if it's not stainless and would pay a premium for a system that will last awhile. 

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