<VV> Turbo exhaust housing heat blanket or wrapping

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Sun Nov 28 15:31:35 EST 2010

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Subject: Re: <VV> Turbo exhaust housing heat blanket or wrapping

> I ran a wrapped cross-over and inlet on my '66 e-flow Corsa for quite a
> while.  It's a pain to install - not much space around the pipes - and 
> under
> boost the cross-over will almost melt under the insulation.
Don't forget that removing the lower shrouds usually lowers the factory 
guage head temp reading by about 100^ F.

Balance that good news against possible more wear from longer warm ups... 
but corvairs warm up fast anyway, and running a grade " thinner " motor oil 
would help resist cool running wear.   Storing for winter also helps (g).

Concerning .. burning out exhaust pipes & turbine inlet pipes ... 
anecdotally, we run a crutched up forced air heater in our shop, and the 
original 4130 normal steel heat pickup tubes lasted about 1.5 years . we 
replaced them with stainless steel ... still not burnt out some 18 years now 
...   seems pretty cost-effective ...

reargards, ken campbell, iou 

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