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Mon Nov 29 18:00:32 EST 2010

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bicknell at cfanet.com writes:

I also  changed rings and bearings and
timed the camshaft to the crankshaft as  accurately as I could determine.
This seemed to be a challenge.  I  used keyway positions checking with
machine  squares. 

You may have offset the cam timing. What you used is not that accurate. You 
 should have used the timing marks on both gears. I suggest that you drop 
the oil  pan and check to see that the cam gear timing mark "0" (on the front 
of the  gear) is perfectly aligned with the cases parting line. To get 
there set the ign  damper/pulley at the zero scale point with the dist rotor 
pointing to the #1  plug terminal.
18 deg is excessive and will cause detonation and problems. Do you have the 
 correct distrbutor?
Bob Helt

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