<VV> For Sale: bunch of old 13" race and autocross tires

Bill Elliott corvair at fnader.com
Mon Nov 29 14:10:25 EST 2010

Wife says "clean out the garage"... free to any Corvair guy that wants them (all I ask is that you have them dismounted from my rims... only a few are mounted) here is my Craigslist ad for the tires:


Cleaning out my garage... would like to see these old slicks, R-compounds, and rain tires go to some use. The price is only to cover dismounting a couple of the sets. 

They go into the trash if nobody can use them. All are older, but most have usable tread. 

Sizes/types include 4 ea 20x8-13 (Hoosier Rain "Slicks"), 20x9-13, 21x7.5-13 (Goodyear Eagle slicks, 8 or 9 total), 4ea 225/45-13 Hoosier R-compounds, 8 ea Kumho 215/50-13 R compounds) 

I also have other non-Corvair CL (Washington, DC) items newly listed... a bunch of 12" Ford Fiesta rims/tires (won't fit over my XR2 brakes now), classic Mini Cooper Blizzaks (NLA), an uber rare set of Ford Motorsport RS 13x6 rims (4x108 pattern), SAAB 9-3 Sport 17" rims, an old rear engine Gravely tractor with mower and snow blade, couple of non-running ATV's, etc... wife wants stuff gone.  


(Frederick, MD)

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