<VV> CORSA publications scanning project?

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sun Jun 3 00:35:15 EDT 2012

At 06:30 PM 6/2/2012, Ramon Rodriguez III wrote:
>Hi there guys.  I've been waiting to get my hands on certain communique'
>PDF's via the CORSA site and all the ones I'm specifically looking for
>(those concerning decoding of Fisher Body tags) and many others are still
>missing.  I progress still being made here or has the project stalled out?
>  If it has stalled out I'd like to help get it going again.
>All the Communique's from Oct. 1979 through Dec. 2008 appear to still be
>missing.  I haven't gone through the rest thoroughly enough to say what
>else might be missing.  This is a fantastic project that really adds to the
>benefits of being a CORSA member and I'd like to see it made complete.

I was the guy scanning the Communiques from 1984.  They're sitting on 
this computer if anyone is interested.

>In case anyone wants to help me out on the body tags, I need the related
>articles from 7/05, 5/05, 1/93, 10/92, and 4/92.

...if you  just need the articles from those issues, I could scan 
them and send them to you if nobody else has done those issues/articles.

>Thanks to all who have contributed documents and/or time to this project
>thus far, I for one very, very, very much appreciate it.

...I'd kinda like to see more interest in the Communique scanning 
project myself.   I know it's time consuming (trust me, I know) but 
still, the end result could be quite worthwhile for any of the 
membership who wants to read past Communiques but has no access.


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