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I need  help from someone who is well versed in a LM electrical. I do not 
have  a  RT rear brake light. I have a good ground along with a running light 
and turn  signal but, No brake light. Bulb is good. Any Ideas? Thinking a 
bad socket  bulb socket? I believe it feeds off the left side according to 
the  schematic. Thank you-Stephen Till
Stephen - If you have a perfectly functional right turn signal  flash, 
forget about the socket or the bulb, the problem is in the steering  column and 
likely in the turn signal switch. The flashing turn signal is the  test for 
a good feed and ground. The turn signal switch interrupts the feed from  the 
brake light circuit to the bulb and feeds it a flasher-interrupted  signal 
to blink the bright filament. When the turn signal is not engaged,  the 
circuit from the brake light switch should be attached to the filament,  
allowing it to light up when you hit the brakes. That is obviously not the case  on 
your car. Somewhere in the wiring of the harness in the column, or in  the 
turn signal switch itself, a contact is open and not feeding the little tab  
inside the switch. Try unplugging and re-inserting the pair of half-moon  
connectors at the base of the column. If that doesn't re-establish a brake  
light, you may have to go into the column by removing the steering wheel and  
opening up the switch. (remember to disconnect the battery first!) Check  
the shop manual or Ned's great wiring diagrams. Have you ever had a problem 
with  the turn signal switch? 
-Seth Emerson

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