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I have  owned 4 Hillman Imps including a GT and a full race 998cc job.
To add a bit  more detail to that already provided, the engine is a 
Covenrty Climax as used  in the original Lotus Elite (1300cc) and formula 3 cars of 
the  60s.
In the early 70's, I had two friends who raced Corvair powered Dune Buggies 
 at the Fremont California RURA closed course track. With jumps and plenty 
of  dirt, it was a great Saturday night activity. I worked on their Crew for 
a  summer or two, while I was still in school. There was also a class for 
under  1200cc "Mini-stocks". The class was 95% old VW bugs, and a few 
"ringers". The  first year, a pair of Datsun 1200 sedans, driven by a couple of 
autocrossers I  knew, kicked VWs butts all year long. The next season, only 
rear engined cars  were allowed. Two Sunbeam Imps, driven by - guess who? - the 
same two  guys - Kicked VWs around the whole season, but not as badly as 
the prior year.  The next year, only Air-cooled, rear-engined cars were 
allowed, The same two  guys built NSU TTs and dominated again. The next year - the 
last year for the  track, as I recall, only 1200cc VW bugs were allowed. 
The two guys went back to  Autocrossing. PS - They won there, as well. 
One of my friends won a race or two in the Buggy class, but it was  
dominated by some of the Pikes Peak racers and guys who came up from Ascot in  
Southern California. - Seth Emerson     

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