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Byron Comp byron.comp at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 11 20:51:04 EDT 2012

Hey All,
What would cause the oil pressure switch wire to become so hot the plastic insulation melted. This may be a chicken vs. egg question, since the Temp/Press light was vibrating on and off the last few times I drove it. Any ideas which caused which?
BTW, I'm actually approaching 500 miles on the second rebuild of my engine. The first time, the "qualified mechanic" neglected to mic or gage the crank shaft or the cam shaft, Both were badly worn, so bad they both had to be replaced, the second time around. But after all that work, after about 10 miles, the rocker arms came loose again (lock nuts failed to lock) and it became undrivable yet again. With my move to PA, I found another mechanic who checked things out and declared everything except the rocker arms A-OK, double-nutted them, and I started driving it. Too good to last, Sunday morning it ground the starter once, and since has acted like the battery is dead, which it is NOT! But there is a terriffic load from somewhere when you turn the ignition. So much so, that the dash lights (idiot lights) dim to the point of going out, and if I hold the key over more than about 5 seconds, the ground wire to the battery terminal is too hot to touch. I
 checked all the wires to the starter and everything seems fine. Also, the melted oil pressure wire seems not to enter into this latest problem, 'cause it's totally off now, and the starter problem still persists.
Any ideas? Working out all these bugs is becoming a pain. Especially since my daily driver vehicle, '89 Mazda B2600i, needs a new engine so the '64 Monza is supposed to be filling in. Enough boo-hooing. Just help me get it fixed. Please and Thank You.
Byron Comp
Non-Running '64 Monza Vert. (Again)
Williamsport, PA

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