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Hi Jason!
And if you want to find a standard tire that might still be around, a  
185/75-13 is the most likely one you will find. A 185/70-13 is a little small,  
but on a slightly lighter early model, maybe okay. And there are still 
plenty of  those around.
Tire Size: 185/70-13
Both Kumho and Sumitomo are listed at Tire Rack
Falken listed at Discount Tire Direct
The 185/75-13s tend to jump up once in a while, then hide. Just don't buy a 
 trailer tire by mistake. A bunch of them made an escape to Canada, I have 
heard!  <grin>
- Seth Emerson

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On Jun  11, 2012, at 8:42 PM, Jason Cesana wrote:

> OK folks I feel stupid  but I cant remember but what is the closest  
> tire size
>  to the original 13" tires on the EM's?  Thanks.

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