<VV> Wow!!1st Weekend of Summer and SIX Regional EVENTS!

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Thanks for the mention of the Volo event - where I (and many other Corvair 
owners) will be this Saturday (6/23).  Please note that Volo is in Illinois 
(maybe 15 - 20 miles South of the WI border).  This annual event was 
initiated by and sponsored by the Milwaukee club in 2010 and 2011.  This 
year CCE is joining with Milwaukee as a sponsor.

The link below will give a very brief look at some of the vehicles (other 
than Corvairs) and attractions at the Volo Auto Museum.  The weather is 
expected to be ideal, the buildings are air conditioned, concessions are 
available.  This has been a fun event the past two years and I expect it 
will be again this year.  Corvairs get in for $5.00 per car.  I think the 
normal charge is $20 or more.


You do not have to be a Milwaukee Club or CCE member to bring your Corvair 
and enjoy the day for $5.00 per carload.  You can bring your own lunch and 
beverages if so desired.

As a side note, I saw Andy Kinzelman (participates on VV) in the current 
Communique in the center of the "Pit Monkeys" picture.  I'm sure he will be 
there as he has been the past two years.  He is an active member of the 
Milwaukee Club.

Later, JR

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>  Mid Ohio, Vairfest,   Corvairs Northwest,  California Corvair's Open 
> House, Corvairs At Volo [Wis.]  and Knoxville's Juna Tuna!
> And let's not forget those in the Duluth , Mn.  area... bad flooding is 
> spoiling their weekend!
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