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Bill & Chris Strickland lechevrier at q.com
Tue Jun 26 20:46:44 EDT 2012

> I have heard that the Studebaker club tried a fall convention instead of a
> vacation season convention and it was a flop.

Hearsay is a pretty poor basis for running any operation, and most of us 
know nothing about Studebaker conventions, like when, where, normal 
demographics, etc, nor what their standards are for a "flop".  Maybe it 
was scheduled for late September, 2001 ...

Will gladly accept apologies for your mentioning such in an effort to 
influence things to your point of view.

I do not like heat. I am not a fan of high humidity.  I do not want to 
go to a convention in Barstow, CA, at any time of year, nor Los Vegas, 
Reno, Phoenix, or anywhere air conditioning is a requirement for a 
hotel.  How about someplace with 72 degree natural air conditioned 
weather at the time of the convention, ie, comfortable.

No, you can't make everyone happy, but you can make them comfortable, 
and comfort makes them less likely to bitch.  Our National dairy goat 
convention is generally late October, and no one, including younger 
families seems to be prevented from coming, if they want to come, and 
that means finding someone to do chores for a week while they are away.

Bill Strickland

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