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Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 26 22:02:31 EDT 2012

Frank, I can give you 1 data point. 
I recently purchased 14 X 6 wheels with 4" backspace for my 1962 Monza. My 195/70R-14s clear in back, but rub the fender lip on sharp turns when 1 wheel is going uphill (for instance, when turning right into my uphill driveway from the street - when the right wheel starts climbing the hill it rubs).
Once I did a little crude rolling of the upper fender lips, I have pretty well adapted my driving habits (turn sharp, then straighten out before hitting the hill) to avoid serious rubbing. Since your wheels would stick out further than mine, I assume you would have a bigger problem. 
In my case, I am thinking about going to a smaller tire (maybe 185/70) in front next time I need tires. 
Hope this helps some.

Frank Campbell asked:

<<I want to swap out the tires and rims on my ?64 Corvair. ...
Here goes, a friend gave me a set of rims that came off of a seventies
Z-car. The rims are really nice and after checking them out, the stamping
on the backside indicates they are manufactured by Pro Wheel (aftermarket
?). Stamped on the wheel is 14X7. The backspace is 3? inches and the
overall rim width is just shy of 8 inches.........

Can anyone with firsthand experience tell if I should drop this project
before I get in too deep. If I continue, what would be the best size tire
to use with those rims ? I hate the thought of buying tires and then have
an issue with using the rims and new tires after what may be a difficult
and costly effort.

I?d appreciate any/all suggestions?



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