<VV> 1969 Corvair Registry?

Dave Leonard dave at arborlea.com
Thu Aug 1 23:37:01 EDT 2013

> Does anyone here know if someone is still keeping the 69 registry?  I have

> located an 'undocumented' 69 Monza Coupe here in MO.  When I say 
> 'undocumented' I mean that it's not in the 69 fingertip facts book.  It is

> #1959  (I like it because that was the year I was born)  Built the 2nd
> of October 1968.  It was burgundy with a black interior.  It is for sale
> is completely dis-assembled.  I've always wanted a 69.  I DON'T need
> project.  (keep repeating that...)

Hi Paul,

Yes - I maintain and distribute the registry as part of the '69 Group.  We
have #1959 in the registry as a 10537 Monza Coupe in IL.  No other info on
it.  Do you have any idea what engine/trans it had?  Also, if you have a
chance to get the info from the body tag, we would really appreciate it.
That would confirm the paint/interior code.  Burgandy was a relatively rare
color for '69.

In the interim, I'll update the registry with what you provided and move it
from IL to MO.


Dave Leonard
'69 Group Secretary

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