<VV> Low oil pressure

Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Mon Aug 5 11:53:17 EDT 2013

Thanks Tim, I went from Mobil One 15w-50 to M1 10w-30.  Old filter was Clark's, new is a Napa (Wix) gold.

On my old 140 I got 30 at idle and 40 running.  From everything I've read that's pretty much normal.  I'm really not comfortable with only 20 psi hot running down the highway.  Certainly if the oil light is flickering on at idle (it does) it's too low.


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> Hi Bryan, What kind of oil and what kind of filter are you running? May mean nothing and it may mean something. It seams those readings should not be considered low oil pressure.
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>> Hi folks,
>> I figure I'll give Matt something to think about :-)
>> I have a 110 of unknown history in the '66 that I switched from 15x-50 to 10w-30.  When it's hot I now get an oil light at idle. I thought about changing it back, but it seemed to make sense to actually check the pressure and see what it is.  So I made an adapter out of an old oil filter bolt and put a small mechanical press gauge on it.
>> At start up I have 25 psi at idle, but it only gets to 30 even at 3500 rpm.  When warm it's hovering around 8 - 10 at idle, but bringing the engine up to 3500 I only get about 20 psi.  I'm thinking the easy thing to try first is just swap out the pressure relief spring.  Any other quick fixes?  I'd prefer to run 10w-30, but if it comes to it I'll put the heavier oil in it, I'm not going to go deep into this engine any time soon and it runs really well otherwise.

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