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You should know is that you likely have the WRONG sender  switch installed. 
GM had several types in use that all looked alike but  activated at 
different pressures. So the easiest and simplest thing to do first  is get a switch 
that is intended for Corvairs. The Corvair spec is....close  when the 
pressure drops below 4 to 6 psi. That should cure your light  coming on. Next, 30 
psi isn't THAT low for higher rpms. Just live with it and  forget working 
on the pressure relief spring. All of course in my humble  opinion.
Bob Helt
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Hi  folks,

I figure I'll give Matt something to think about :-)

I  have a 110 of unknown history in the '66 that I switched from 15x-50 to  
10w-30.  When it's hot I now get an oil light at idle.  I thought  about 
changing it back, but it seemed to make sense to actually check the  pressure 
and see what it is.  So I made an adapter out of an old oil  filter bolt and 
put a small mechanical press gauge on it.

At start up I  have 25 psi at idle, but it only gets to 30 even at 3500 
rpm.  When warm  it's hovering around 8 - 10 at idle, but bringing the engine 
up to 3500 I only  get about 20 psi.  I'm thinking the easy thing to try 
first is just swap  out the pressure relief spring.  Any other quick fixes?  I'd 
prefer  to run 10w-30, but if it comes to it I'll put the heavier oil in 
it, I'm not  going to go deep into this engine any time soon and it runs 
really well  otherwise.


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