<VV> GM cars in Europe

Ed Dowds ed_dowds at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 21 08:05:35 EDT 2013

I was in Germany late last year and only saw two late model GM cars in 10 days. One was a new Camaro. I think the duties and taxes are still very high in Europe. I noticed that the rental cars did indeed have smaller engines than similar models in the US.
I was going to rent a Fiat 500 in Budapest but the rental agent took one look at our four suitcases and told us he would upgrade us so we could keep our luggage! We ended up with a Fiat Punto which could hold the two of us and two more passengers. I believe the engine was a 1.2 liter with a 5 speed manual. It was pretty peppy and kept up with traffic (with planning to pass) but got a little light in the front end at 120 kph.

In Vietnam in 1971 I only remember a '58 Belair on the street in Saigon. There were a handful of cars from that era which were probably brought in by wealthy French people before they left.

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