<VV> NOS cars

ebittman at tampabay.rr.com ebittman at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Aug 21 17:33:11 EDT 2013

This promises to be a "feeding frenzy". Motels up to 75 miles away have been booked. This is all well and good but I wonder just how good these cars are? The ones inside I suppose are OK,but will still need a lot of work before they can be used.Another issue would be correct paperwork on any of them,some states including Florida are really cracking down on accurate paperwork etc.
  There was a beautiful maintained 64 "500" coupe on Ebay the other day with supposedly 9900 miles on it. To me this is far more desirable then one that hasn't moved in 50+ years. Anyone here win that car? Ed in Fla.

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