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geparsley at sbcglobal.net geparsley at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 22 21:04:27 EDT 2013

Oh wise ones,

Last fall I posted about the stripped bolt holes on the flexplate end of the crank in my ‘66 Monza 110/PG, and your guidance brought me to a successful conclusion. Sadly, more engine issues were discovered, so as I wait on the heads to return, I turned my attention to the broken differential. As I build the replacement, my memory fails me on the front pinion seal. The 1965 manual (I don’t have the 1966 supplement) says both pinion seals should be installed with the lips facing the interior of the diff. I seem to recall that the front seal should actually be installed backwards, with the open side of the seal facing the PG, due to higher pressures in the PG. Further illustrations would seem to confirm this, but are not that clear. I can’t remember how it came out during the disassembly as this was about 6 months ago.  I welcome any words of wisdom.

Garry Parsley
1966 Monza 110/PG

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