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Wed Aug 28 21:00:43 EDT 2013

Ray & all:  There was a ElectroVair I, as the II's name implies.  It was a EM based effort, about which I remember nothing.  There was a article in the Communique about them some time in the past.  Years or decades ago, I don't remember the time frame.  I just check one of my file folders on a "it is most likely in this folder" basis, but it wasn't in it.  So maybe somebody else can look it up or find it, 
Historically Yours,

Message: 6Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 01:05:03 -0400From: Ramon Rodriguez III <corvairgrymm at gmail.com>Subject: <VV> ElectroVair 1To: "virtualvairs at corvair.org" virtualvairs at corvair.org
I've oft wondered about the seemingly missing link insinuated by theElectroVair II designation. Does anyone have any info on this subject?

Ray R.


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