<VV> Bill Hubbell > On Dec 12, 2013, at 6:34 AM, "Gary Swiatowy" wrote: > > In any event, now anyone with an early Corvair be it a 4-door or a base model will think.... theirs are made of gold.

Ken Lawyer kenlawyer08 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 04:01:51 EST 2013

Thanks Bill! I enjoyed your photo humor!

And to Karl in Boston who wrote:

*...why is it so many Corvair people -- people who love and value these
cars like nobody else does -- seem to show so little respect for our cars?
$29000 isn't all that much for a desirable antique car. If the car were a
vintage Camaro SS convertible in similar shape, you can bet your sweet
behind it would be selling for at least three times that number.*

I agree completely! And the trend (thankfully) that I think I'm seeing is
that our lowly cars are coming to be appreciated, with sales prices
creeping North rather than South. At shows I've attended in the last couple
of years folks walk right past the "commonplace" red Camaros and are all
over my "oddball" car.

Ken Lawyer
San Jose, CA
'64 Spyder convertible
'66 Corsa 140 Coupe

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