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Three Announcements   
Tue Dec 17, 2013 6:32 pm        (PST)        . Posted by: 

I have a few announcements that I’d like to get out but first let me 
apologize if you get this more than once. It just means that you and I 
are on more than one aviation email list together. And as per usual, 
please feel free to forward this to any other groups you think might be 

The first announcement is time sensitive as the campaign ends around 
midnight Pacific Time tonight. CONTACT! Magazine has published a new 
book in the Alternative Engine series. Volume 4 has been out for several
 months in its traditional black-and-white format, but we have a chance 
to reprint it in full color since the original files were created in 
color. But of course the color printing process is expensive so we 
decided to do two things to soften the blow. 

The first is that we are putting advertising in the book and that seems
 to be doing well. So far we have EAA, Zenith, Revmaster, Sonex/AeroVee,
 Sensenich props, Auto RSRU’s, HaasAirPower, and several others who have
 bought ad space, but we could certainly use a few more advertisers. The
 ad space is cheap and prices can be found on the link shown two 
paragraphs below. 

Second, we’ve started a crowd-funding campaign so that anyone can help,
 and in return, receive some pretty nice perks. For example, we’ve 
created a special CONTACT! Magazine ball cap for contributors, as well 
as a limited edition hard-bound version of the book, of which only 100 
will be printed. Each one will be signed and numbered. 

So please click the link and see if there is anything of interest on 
the page that might spur you along to help us get this awesome book 
published. This is also where you can sign up for an ad. 
http://www.indiegog o.com/ projects/alternativ e-engines- 
volume-4-color- version http://www.indiegog o.com/projects/ alternative-
 engines-volume- 4-color-version 

The next announcement is that CONTACT! Magazine has a Facebook page 
that’s taking on a life of its own. We've been able to post some pretty 
interesting experimental aviation stuff there on a very regular basis. 
So if you just can’t get enough of what’s cool about building planes (or
 other things that turn dead dinosaurs into fun!) from your regular 
sources, check us out at 
www.facebook. com/www. CONTACTMagazine http://www.facebook .com/www. CONTACTMagazine 

We also host an Electric Aircraft Facebook page: 

https://www. facebook. com/ ElectricAircraft https://www. facebook. com/ElectricAirc raft 

And the last announcement is sort of a last call for KITPLANES 
magazine’s Alternative Engine Buyer’s guide. For the fourth year in a 
row they've asked me to compile the list of turn-key alternative 
aircraft engine suppliers and to write an accompanying article. The 
following is a list of all that will be included in the 2014 guide. I’d 
like to ask you to look it over and let me know if I missed anyone. 

By definition, the list should include only those engines that were 
originally meant for non-aviation purposes, which have since been 
commercially converted for aviation use. Engines such as those that came
 out of an automobile, motorcycle, lawn mower or any other non-aviation 
application, including APU and GPU is what we’re after.  Engines such as
 Jabiru, UL, Hexadyne, Mistral, RotaMax, or other engines that came off 
the assembly line, ready to install in an aircraft should not be 

So please look over this list and let me know if I forgot someone. 

Thank you!!! 

Patrick Panzera 
Editor at ContactMagaz ine.com mailto:Editor at ContactMagaz ine.com 

Alternative Engines for the 2014 KITPLANES buyer’s guide. 

Oshkosh, WI 

Air Trikes 
St. Lazare Quebec Canada 
Geo/Suzuki, Honda Fit 
BMW, Subaru 

Atkins Rotary 
Puyallup, WA 

Auto PSRU’s formerly Geared Drives 
Fort Worth, TX 
General Motors, Subaru 

Eureka, Waikato, New Zealand 
Subaru and others 

EPI Inc. Expertise + Integrity = Performance 
Amboy, WA 
General Motors, Ford, Jaguar, new “clean sheet” EPI V12 

Orange Park, FL 

Firewall Forward 
Ontario, Canada 
Honda VTEC, GM 

Great Plains Aircraft Supply 
Bennington, NE 

Jackson, WY 

Hummel Engines 
Coolidge, AZ 

Moteur Avance Mega, Inc. (Marcotte) 
Ste-Genevieve- de-Batiscan Quebec Canada 
Subaru and Others 

RAM Performance 
Blackstock, SC 

Raven ReDrives Inc. 
Taos, NM 
Suzuki, Geo, Honda 

Revmaster Aviation 
Hesperia, CA 

Robinson V-8 Powered Aircraft 
Kirkfield, Ontario, Canada 
General Motors 

Take Off GmbH 
Hamm, Germany 
Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) 

Stratus 2000 
Corvallis, OR 

Titan Aircraft 
Austinburg, OH 
Suzuki  and Honda 

Valley Engineering 
Rolla, MO 
V-Twin “Big Twin” 

Viking Aircraft Engine 
Edgewater, FL 
Honda Fit 
Best regards,

Scott Morehead
T-mobile Cellular
843 - 478 - 4223

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