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If it isn't too cold where you are then you can take the kick panels surrounding the side vents off without cracking them and check for rust holes there--sometimes the sheet metal will rust in the area above the vent doors.  As far as the plenum is concerned the rags probably aren't a good seal--especially if they hold water and keep the area wet.  The plenum usually rusts through at either or both ends where it meets the end pieces. I even had small holes in two '68s that were a result of the forming of the plenum when new--the metal was drawn too tight and split.   I've seen beautifully welded repairs, bondo and fiberglass patches--whatever works to seal the area and keep the air and water out.  As you know that whole area will stay pressurized while you are driving from the air flow and tires throwing off pressure in the wheel wells.  My much loved and long gone rusty '66 convertible even leaked around the windshield at the "A" pillars.  The good thing is that every hole you patch will make the car just that much warmer.  Mustangs are notorious for rusty plenums so we aren't alone.

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How do you gain access to that plenum?  I even had magnetic sign material cut and painted to fit over that grill in front of the windshield--didnt help much.  The vent doors and seals are tight.  Air mostly comes from under the dash.  I stuffed rags in the channel that leads down down to the kick panel vents.  Been a mystery for 6 years.  Ernie

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Check the floor vents first to be sure the rubber seals are intact and that the vent door pins are seated so the door can seal.  
Worst case I've seen is when the plenum (under the grill in front of the windshield) is rusted through--usually at one end seam or the other--or both.



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