<VV> Non-Corvair Specific: Gas freezing?

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Tue Dec 24 01:18:58 EST 2013

At 16 degrees F, I would be adding alcohol to the former driver, me,  the 
truck parked and me in a bar somewhere! (Having walked a couple of  hundred 
yards at about 1 degree last week. Yecch!) - Seth
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You are  correct  that that is the common wisdom for years now.

I just add  alcohol (Heet, Dry Gas, etc) to the tank and drive on.

Of course now  that we run 10% ethanol, maybe I don't nee the methyl or 
what ever  added....

If gasoline actually freezes, dress very warm!

Diesel,  now that will gel at surprisingly high temperatures. I found 
that diesel  without additives would start to gel at about 16 °F when I 
was driving at  55 (ha!) mph. All the trucks beside me were also blowing 
white smoke, so  we were all in the same boat. Twice I had to get off the 
interstate and  add a gallon of unleaded to the tank to continue driving 
at speed when a  cold snap surprised me. Not a recommended additive, but 
it  worked!

One should run some anti gel in diesel if the temp is regularly  below 20 
°F or so. Maybe diesel sold up north already has something in  it.

Frank DuVal

On 12/23/2013 11:14 PM, J. R. Read  wrote:
> I believe the issue is not gas freezing but is moisture in the  tank
> condensing and getting to a low point in the fuel line where it  (the 
> which is heavier than gas) can turn to ice and block the  fuel line.  The
> idea behind keeping the tank full of gas would be  to leave less space in 
> tank for moisture (water) to  accumulate.  I don't have a clue if this is 
> was correct, but  it would seem to me that most (all probably) tanks are 
>  non-vented  on modern cars and the issue would no longer exist  
> off how full (or empty) the tank might be at the  moment.
> This post will likely upset Smitty since it is not  based on actual
> experience.
> Later, JR
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>> All:  My wife ask if we should fill  up the tank on her RAV tonight.  We
>> then had a conversation  about keeping at least half a tank of gas in the
>> car during cold  weather like we are having now in Central Illinois.  She
>>  thought it was to keep the gas from freezing.  I told her it was to  
>> you heat if you get in trouble, assuming the motor is still  running.  I
>> realize condensation inside the tank can freeze  in a fuel line, but that
>> it is rare.  Never had it happen in  40 plus years of driving up here.
>> I assume one of you  chemist types will know the answer here.  The 
>> is,  just out of curiousity, what is the freezing temp of gasoline?   I
>> assume it will freeze at some temp, but so far down the scale  everything
>> else in the car has become  non-functioning.
>> Thanks,
>>  Historically Yours,
>>             James  Rice

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