<VV> Collectable Automobile Disses

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Fri Feb 1 14:18:52 EST 2013

Subject: <VV> "Collectible Automobile" reader disses Corvair!
At a show one day I must have been off my feed more than usual.  A lady
asked me if "that" was my Corvair.  I assured her it was.  She started a
tirade similar to the one of the CA reader, telling me the one she had was
cheap and tinny,and noisy and was really happy when she got rid of that
piece of trash and traded it in on a new Olds.  I tried to let her down
gently but she was enjoying her gathering audience immensely.  I told her
Lady, you didn't buy a Falcon Futura.  You didn't buy a Chevy 2 SS, or even
a cheap Chevrolet.  Instead you bought the cheapest damn thing you could get
for the dollar.  You admitted you didn't even buy a radio for it.  What the
hell did you expect for $2,000, a Cadillac?  From the look on her face as
she stalked away I suspect she was dissatisfied with my comment.

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