<VV> NECC CORVAIR OLYMPICS 2013 (Shoulder belts and Stock/Near Stock Corvairs)

Allan Lacki redbat01 at verizon.net
Sun Feb 3 13:59:14 EST 2013

Frank and Others,  The NECC Corvair Olympics is a three-day 
extravaganza, with time trials on the first day, drag racing on the 
second day, and autocross on the third day.  Folks will be able to enter 
their Corvairs in any or all of the three events.  Pricing will be "a la 
carte", with discounts for folks who sign up for two or three of the 
three events.  And so, if somebody does not care to add shoulder belts 
to their stock Corvair, they can still sign up for the drags or the 
autocross. Your choice!  Allan Lacki for NECC



So for those of use not familiar with this setup, are the Time Trials
anything to do with the Autocross or Drag Race? It is not clear in this

Frank DuVal

On 2/3/2013 9:15 AM, Allan Lacki wrote:
 > I would like to point out that the shoulder belt / harness requirement
 > does not apply to Street Stock and Improved Stock Corvairs participating
 > in Drag Racing and Autocross. On the other hand, all cars need shoulder
 > belts or harnesses for the Time Trials. Visit the NECC Rules web pages
 > for specific safety requirements.
 > [www.corvair.org]
 > Allan Lacki for NECC

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