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> I could use comments on using 175R70 13 on a lakewood. Are they too  small?
> I found 10 new Michelins yesterday cheap , so I may buy 4 for my  lakewood 
> project. They are the X -DT .
> Tires on this car now are VERY old , but lots of tread...so I feel they  
> will not be safe.
> Comments?
> I plan on going after them today.
> Regards, Tim Colson
> most of my 4 are in process...group red for now. (very frustrated this  
> winter!)
 Tim- I've ran 175/70 13's on my earlys for years- I wont run any other tire size, even if I could get them. The handling improvement is noticeable even at normalspeeds, and your ground clearance will still be higher than on many new cars.  The only real downside is that your overall gearing  drops alot. You will be reallyhappy with those tires if you run a 3.27 or 3.08 (I'm running a 3:08) ring and pinion, not so happy with a 3.55 r/p.Kevin NashEarly Turbo daily driver 		 	   		  

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