<VV> CORRECT 64 gas pedal setup

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I agree with Tim that this assembly needs to be free. Rust here is a common
cause of sticking accelerator/random high idle.

I would not phrase it "the pedal lines up with the arm that hangs  down",
as the arm is 1.7" off the pedal plane as seen in Tim's assembly diagram
(view B). 

Great picture!

Frank DuVal

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This is a scan of the Clark's 64 car  assembly manual page about  your 
question. The real answer is the pedal lines up with the arm that hangs 
down , 
then readjust the back linkages.
I would plan on removing that assembly to take it way apart. My past on  
these included most were packed with rust and needed the shaft cleaned
wheel) and lubed. It wants to be very free!.
Have fun, I still have at least one new floor mount #9 "support" from my  
past with these things.
Hope this helps.
Regards, Tim Colson
64 coupe
64 ized lakewood
63 Rampy
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